Reported Speech


A long time ago…..

1. John asked Mary: “Did you have a nice time last Sunday?”

 2. James askedSamuel: “Samuel, do you know my sister Sarah?”

3. Mr Smith asked his daughters: “Where has Tom gone?”

4. I asked Paul and Mary: “ what time did your parents leave yesterday?”

5. The stranger asked me: “Is there a bank near here?”

6. Mr Pocket asked you “ Do you have to pay the taxes?”

7. The teacher asked Ann’s brother: “Has Ann received my letter?”

8. My mother asked me: “When did you get home last night?”

9. I told  my best friend: “ I have to go to this supermarket today”

10. I asked Sally: “ Sally, can you tell me the truth now?”

11. I told  my family . “ I want to travel to Paris next summer but I can’t because I haven’t enough  money”

13.  Samuel told James: “ I am sorry James, but I can’t help you today ”

14. Sally and Ann  told James “James, our sister has bought a new flat in the city   centre”

15.  Sarah said “My family flew from Barcelona to Menorca  last month”

16. The doctor said: “Stop smoking!”

17. The doctor told her patient: “Don’t eat so much sugar! “

18. Samuel told his mum: “ Jane was my best friend last year”

19.Sally told her classmate: “I have to speak to Peter now”

20. Sally’s father told Sally: “Sally,  today it’s the best day of my life”

21. The writer said to me “ I wrote my last novel last year”

22. My husband said to me “ I forgot this car key inside the car two days ago”

23. Sarah said to her mother “ My best friends have lunch at half past twelve”

24.  The writer told James: “ James, I will  phone my editor today”

25. I told John: “ I don’t want to meet you again”

26.  I told you: “I would like to visit Rome”