Reported Speech


A long time ago…..

1. John asked Mary: “Did you have a nice time last Sunday?”

 2. James askedSamuel: “Samuel, do you know my sister Sarah?”

3. Mr Smith asked his daughters: “Where has Tom gone?”

4. I asked Paul and Mary: “ what time did your parents leave yesterday?”

5. The stranger asked me: “Is there a bank near here?”

6. Mr Pocket asked you “ Do you have to pay the taxes?”

7. The teacher asked Ann’s brother: “Has Ann received my letter?”

8. My mother asked me: “When did you get home last night?”

9. I told  my best friend: “ I have to go to this supermarket today”

10. I asked Sally: “ Sally, can you tell me the truth now?”

11. I told  my family . “ I want to travel to Paris next summer but I can’t because I haven’t enough  money”

13.  Samuel told James: “ I am sorry James, but I can’t help you today ”

14. Sally and Ann  told James “James, our sister has bought a new flat in the city   centre”

15.  Sarah said “My family flew from Barcelona to Menorca  last month”

16. The doctor said: “Stop smoking!”

17. The doctor told her patient: “Don’t eat so much sugar! “

18. Samuel told his mum: “ Jane was my best friend last year”

19.Sally told her classmate: “I have to speak to Peter now”

20. Sally’s father told Sally: “Sally,  today it’s the best day of my life”

21. The writer said to me “ I wrote my last novel last year”

22. My husband said to me “ I forgot this car key inside the car two days ago”

23. Sarah said to her mother “ My best friends have lunch at half past twelve”

24.  The writer told James: “ James, I will  phone my editor today”

25. I told John: “ I don’t want to meet you again”

26.  I told you: “I would like to visit Rome”


                      ON AIR!

                BREAKING NEWS



 in the world?

 in our country?
 in our school?



in the world?

in our country?
in our school?


in the world?

in our country?
in our school?


What's happening in the world?

What's happening in our country?
What's happening in our school?

Live connections with Germany

Mon  7th  –  Tues 8th May
Writing the news

Wed  9th May
News performance & recording 
(5 minutes each section) 

Thurs 10th  May
News escenario & recording 


Indefinite pronouns

                                         INDEFINITE PRONOUNS

Passive voice



Passive voice is used when the focus is on the action. It is not important or not known who or what is performing the action.


Look at the video and take notes.

Change the senteces below into the passive.

1) Mr Jones watches the film.
2) The people speak English.
3) He reads comics..
4) We play volleyball..
5) They sing the song..
6) I take photos..
7) She does the housework.
8) The policemen help the children.

1. She sang a song.
 2. Somebody hit me.
3. We stopped the bus.
4. A thief stole my car.
5. They didn't let him go.
6. She didn't win the prize.
7.  Did you tell them?
8.  Did he send the letter?

  1. Sheila is drinking a cup of tea. –
  2. My father is washing the car. –
  3. Farmer Joe is milking the cows. –
  4. She is taking a picture of him. –
  5. I am writing a poem.
  6. We are not playing football. –
  7. He is not wearing a tie. –
  8. Is she preparing the party?

  1. We were talking about Francis. –
  2. He was playing the guitar.
  3. She was watching a film.
  4. I was repairing their bikes.
  5. They were not eating dinner. –
  6. We were not painting the gate.
  7. You were not driving him home. –
  8. He was not feeding the dogs.

  1. Samuel has paid the bill. –
  2. I have eaten a hamburger.
  3. We have cycled five miles.
  4. I have opened the present.
  5. They have not read the book.
  6. You have not sent the parcel. –
  7. We have not agreed to this issue.
  8. They have not caught the thieves.

1.       I had worn blue shoes.
2.       Joe had cleaned the tables
3.       We had lost the key
4.       They had started a fight
5.       I had  read an article.
6.       I had not closed the window.
7.       They had not bought the paper
8.       She had not noticed me.
9.       Had she solved the problem?
10.    Had he recorded that song

1.       Jane will buy a new computer.
2.       Her boyfriend will install it. –
3.       Millions of people will visit the museum. -
4.       Our boss will sign the contract.
5.       You will not do it. –
6.       They will not show the new film.
7.       He won't see Sue.
8.       They will not ask him. –
9.       Will the company employ a new worker? -
10.    Will the plumber repair the shower?

FUTURE going to

1. Are they going to feed the cats?

2. Who is going to pay the bill?

3. The teacher is going to give me a second chance.

4. Disneyland is going to give us a big discount.
5. They are going to train me for the job.

You can take the book.
Everybody must obey the rules.
They might have studied their lessons.
He may not accept this plan.
We must know the fact They may construct some houses
We should buy the tickets
We can do nothing.

Passive (mixed tenses)
1) People speak Portuguese in Brazil  
2) The Government is planning a new road near my house
3) My grandfather built this house in 1943
4) Picasso was painting Guernica at that time
5) The cleaner has cleaned the
6) He had written three books before 1867
7) John will tell you later
9) Somebody should do the work
11) Everybody loves Mr Brown
12) They are building a new stadium near the station.
13) The wolf ate the princess
14) At six o’clock someone was telling a story
15) Somebody has drunk all the milk
16) I had cleaned all the windows before the storm
17) A workman will repair the computer tomorrow
19) James might cook dinner

  1. John collects money.
  2. Anna opened the window. –
  3. We have done our homework. –
  4. I will ask a question. –
  5. He can cut out the picture. –
  6. The sheep ate a lot. –
  7. We do not clean our rooms. –
  8. William will not repair the car.
  9. Did Sue draw this circle?
  10. Could you feed the dog? -


                               CLASS CATWALK


                                                     Resultado de imagen de catwalk

        PART 1 -  3 min.
       Choose a top model in your team.
     Dress him/her with the clothes and complements you have 
     in class.  Create a new style!

       PART 2 -  10 min.

     Write a review of this new style.
    (Use vocabulary in the photocopies)

    PART 3 
    Choose a piece of music for the catwalk.
   Read your review to the class.
   The top model parades in front of the class with the music.

Future tenses part 3B


Resultado de imagen de zoldar ticket

                                                                  SOME EXAMPLES...

                       Today a smile WILL be your passport into a special person's heart

         This week a change WILL  hurt you but it WILL lead a path to something better

                            You WILL learn from your mistakes... you WILL learn a lot today!

                          You WILL get something good in your life today. Don't let it go!!!